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What is the ultimate goal of the Republican Party?



If you ask the youth of today who the Republican Party belongs to, what will be the answer? No one will be prepared to listen, because of where the activist leaders of the inner city meet every morning and what they do in the evening. The people of the society have a complete idea of ​​their business and means of income. If they try to tell the revolutionary philosophy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, people look askance at them. Because the ethics of revolutionary thought is nowhere to be seen. When full of people talk about self-respect, the people close to them look at them with suspicion. They don’t stay honest with one group in the same city just to live like that, Tathagata Buddha will build a library, but how important is the photo of the nationalist leader’s brother, sister-in-law, mother than Buddha Ambedkar’s photo on it? A self-respecting, Ambedkari-minded person will never dare to oppose him if he shows it to the people. They will definitely talk behind but not in front. They will leave him because he is a fool because they want to get their attention. Further, they will take food donations and banners on Jayanti, the end of the year, Mahaparinirvana day without fail. That is why the Republican worker leader in the city is known by caste and function. .Today my children ask what was the ultimate goal of the Republican Party?.Where does it look? If you hear what every leader thinks about the society, then the question is whether to fight or cry. The word of revolutionary thought is republican and a society with majority is the power like an elephant that is our target. Where is it?.
The official name of Republican Party of India is Republican Party of India. The Republican Party of India is known as the revenge of the oppressed adivasi backward class society i.e. Bahujan society in India. It is the political party of the largest community in India. Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF/Shekafe) was an organization established in India by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in 1942 for the rights of Dalit community and its promotion . He It founded the Depressed Classes Federation in 1930 and the Independent Labor Party in 1935. There is a difference of opinion as to which of the two organizations succeeded the Scheduled Castes Federation. The Scheduled Castes Federation itself was later transformed into the Republican Party of India . This party emerged from the Scheduled Castes Federation, a social organization started by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The main strength of this party was Maharashtra. The Scheduled Castes Federation, a social organization, entered politics and participated in the elections, so the equation of many communities was changed. That is why it was counted as a political party . It is known as a power-giving society.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar conceived the concept of Republican Party of India from a social organization called Scheduled Castes Federation. Ripai was founded by his loyal followers on 3rd October 1957 after his Mahaparinirvana. Since then till today, a political party (group) with the word ‘Republican’ is formed every day and then it breaks up. This historical process can be described as a whole. That is why the Republican Party did not reach its ultimate goal. He gave democracy to India and Indians to solve difficult issues and problems. Any problem can be solved if the constitution is implemented properly. It would not be wrong to say that Ripai or other social and religious organizations always break up due to egoism because all the activist leaders have forgotten that when Babasaheb initiated Buddhism on October 14, 1956, he had given the Trisaran, Panchsheel and twenty-two vows. He would have accepted the constitution. Today, the Republican society would be in the race to achieve the ultimate goal of the Republican Party.
Ripai, known as the party of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, first broke out in 1958. That is, within one year after the formation of the party. At that time, the party was split over the question of who should lead it. Out of it two groups were formed namely Khobragade-Gaikwad and Kamble-Roopate. In 1964, R. from the Gaekwad group. D. Bhandare left while in 1965 due to split in Kamble group Rupwate left and united with Gaikwad group. That means he went to those who opposed him. Later RD Bhandare and Rupwate became Congressmen. Since then, the entire journey of this party till date has been colored by divisions and unity. These repeated splits and splits have lost the meaning of both the words ‘foot’ and ‘unity’ in the context of the Republican movement. There have been more than 50 splinters of the party so far, and each splinter has become an independent political party. Can’t show existence. Ambedkar follower’s unwillingness to introspect to prove that I am right and all the rest are wrong. Ed Balasaheb Ambedkar’s Ambedkari movement is over After the conclusion of the book, he abandoned the work of Ambedkari movement and approached various left-wing groups and publicly supported the Naxalist-minded youth from which the Maharashtra Democratic Front was formed.
An honest leader like Prof. Jogendra Kawaden became an MLA at the back of the MP. And Urla Surla in Ripai ended the honesty. Balasaheb, who gave a serious warning of the danger that the Republican movement was left in name only, was discussed in detail in view of the reasons and conclusions presented for the failure of the Ambedkari movement. Only if it had been done at the level of the working class at the level of the intellectual class, it would have been possible to give the correct direction to the society. Many have claimed that the Ambedkari movement is not over, but have not clearly explained what the signs of its vitality are.
A letter written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was published on 1st October 1957 in ‘Prabuddha Bharat’ addressed to the people of India. All the leaders insisted that this letter should be considered as the Constitution of the Republican Party. In it, Justice, Equality, Freedom and Fraternity will be the goals of the party, clarifying that the nature of the party will not be regional but nationwide, Babasaheb tells his followers, ‘This party is for all the working backward classes of the country. He will be the protector of the interests of the exploited, deprived and oppressed people of the society. Will have accepted the commitment to work for the welfare of Scheduled Caste-Tribe, Buddhist and Backward Class people. In becoming a ruling tribe, join hands with the party which will do its welfare. While cooperating with another party, care should be taken not to compromise the philosophy, goals and objectives of your party. The leader should be one and the party also should be one. Elephant as the symbol of the party is a symbol in Buddhist culture, while Ashoka’s circled blue flag is a symbol of Babasaheb’s opinion about the party. The youth of today is not ready to read this history. Therefore, he is not ready to make history by reading history. He has become directionless.
After the Mahaparinirvana of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on 3 October 1957, the Republican Party of India named after Babasaheb was founded on Nagpur Diksha Bhoomi. In the subsequent general elections, the party achieved a resounding, spectacular success. At that time, his political power was influential and attracted the attention of all the society, seventeen percent of them were unorganized hard labourers, agricultural labourers, workers. They had faith in the leader. One of the mantras was “If the carrot stick rings, break it and eat it if it doesn’t ring.” The steel, influential and strong united organization raised by Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Republican Party movement broke up due to lack of socially and politically competent leadership, differences, egoism and selfish political ambitions. Compromising with other political parties. The leadership of each group became careless, directionless. Due to the low politics of Gata Tata, many people of our society are working in other political parties. A very large intellectual class who closely monitor all these developments remained isolated. Today we have some dailies but the editor of those dailies does not have one opinion on any issue regarding the Ambedkari movement. Like a political leader. They do not dare to sit close to each other and make at least one program to present their position in front of the society. At the same time, there is no national trend union of Ambedkari ideas which will work under the pressure of all the workers, employees and officers of the country. Then who will educate the society of 93 percent unorganized workers in the country? (Swatantra Mazdoor Union is today the only national trade union functioning in 22 states and 32 regions. For national recognition, it needs four states and four regions and five lakh members. This problem was created for him.)
From 1927 to 1956 the backward class exploited deprived society which was the unorganized labor farm laborer was largely uneducated and ignorant but he literally sacrificed his life in every mass movement of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The movement will live on in us. The factions of the Republican Party have often had to unite based on emotion and there are no graduate professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers who are forced to do that. In the short book Ambedkar Movement Ended, author Balasaheb Ambedkar has given the names of those who are fasting for unity and what is their education and employment. All the unorganized workers were laborers. Note this. Even now they have to take the initiative. Because the number of unorganized workers in the society is large. It is increasing. There is no telling who will put their hands on their backs and when. We have to find out where all the forts of Ripai are. Social and political loyalties in the Ambedkari movement are becoming secondary due to arrogance, differences, temptations, greed. What is our social and political base today? The revolutionary movement which has a philosophy, there are activists with revolutionary social commitment, but in front of the same society, there are many question marks today as there is no alternative in front of the movement. The movement is only fighting for oppression and emotional issues. But what is the result? According to the constitution, the results are obtained by elections from Gram Panchayat to the President. For that, only if the name is registered as an Indian citizen, one has the right to vote, it is not appropriate for me to tell the society that takes the name of the architects of the Indian constitution as soon as they get up, how they elect whom from Gram Panchayat member to MLA, MP.
What is the status of the political party intended for Dr. Babasaheb? We have always lost the political recognition of the party, the election symbol. How many more convenient politics are we all going to do by capitalizing on oppression, injustice, sentimentality and Babasaheb’s name? Addition works in politics, we are doing subtraction and division. When we are decisively powerful, why have we become intractable in politics? Ambedkari Movement Is the decline of political and social movement Ambedkari followers proud of? If each group will benefit directly or indirectly to other political parties? Politics for what, for whom and why?
On October 3, 2023, the Republican Party of India is completing 66 years. We must have read that some Ripai groups were de-recognised because they did not keep proper accounts and did not submit. The same is the case with socio-religious educational institutions, organizations. So now which group of rip-offs is capable of leading the revolutionary thought of Babasaheb Ambedkar. The name of a Republican group is constantly in discussion in the state and the country. That is Namdar MP Ramdas Athawale the only leader in the country who has no time and place constraints to meet. Even if they are in the flock of ideological enemies, they are leaving their personal mark in all the society. Although the society does not benefit from the party, some activists live in India on that name. The army that is with them is ready to struggle and lead in all fields. Ramdas Athawale is recognized as a republican leader in the Bahujan community and is popular with the people. Although he is the only group to officially celebrate the anniversary of the republican party, he is unable to achieve the ultimate goal of the republican party. Because how much the constitution is acceptable to their group can be seen from their functioning and the crowd of leaders on the stage of the public meeting. Except for the number one leader who leads the Republican group, there are no leaders who lead the state two, three, four or five in the state.
There are no trained workers. Workers who live on letter heads cannot make the society self-respecting. There is no scholarly knowledge of government schemes. The activists, leaders, who are all focused on how much commission or brokerage they got themselves, instead of standing up for public agitation on how to benefit the society and the people, will show the direction the party will take forward. That is why unorganized laborers, laborers and agricultural laborers are turning to other party organizations in large numbers. This should be seriously considered by all conscious workers, intellectuals and writers. No matter how good the republican ideology is, if there are no followers who practice it, the ultimate goal of the republican party cannot be achieved. No. What will happen if the workers who don’t accept the bounds of democracy immediately take fifty hundred people with them and start forming party organizations? So all the street youths should first take the responsibility of eliminating the selfish and egoistic workers in their sections. And try to unite the Ambedkari society around us. The way to choose a leader who accepts democracy and democratically runs the party organization will be the leader of Ripai. The anniversary of Ripai requires a self-reflection examination. And it is because Ripai did not accept the constitution that respected Ed Balasaheb Ambedkar in the state has given Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi a strong and ideological political alternative to Bahujan Samaj. It should be accepted by all Bahujan Samaj.
In the 66th year, the ultimate goal of the Republican Party is in the state. In order to realize the political dream, the deprived should stand behind the Bahujan Aghadi and give fists to factionalism. History can be made by reading history. Therefore, introspect what is the ultimate goal of the Republican Party.October 3, 1957 Best wishes to all Bahujans on the occasion of Ripai’s 66th Anniversary.

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