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Maratha of society For reservation different provision necessary-OBC leaders Hemant Patil of of agitation Warning !



Pune , 13 September 2023

across the state Maratha to society reservation to give demand doing start in doing came movement lit up is _ In this way In Jalna of society For reservation death hunger strike the doer Manoj Jarange Patil of from all Mandharani start is _ Maratha in society neglected to the elements reservation by giving By the government them main in flow should bring But , OBC From category This reservation No gives Maratha for society different provision It should be done insistent demand India against of corruption National President And OBC leaders Hemant Patil by made _

recently They journalist Conference by taking OBC of society role Clear made _ OBC From category Maratha of society to the reservation of society opposition is _ By the government of OBCs from the quota This reservation given So Before Since deprived of those who chance less Will happen _ Patil by State of the government attention drew _ Govt by conjecture doing OBC From category reservation given So come on Against the decision From Pune Statewide movement start Do it _ warning also Patil by gave _ Manoj Jarange of Regarding reservation start having to fight our Support There is , but OBC on society happening injustice Society brother endure will do No like that opinion Patil by expressed done _

across the country others To the backward classes Especially these _ category The exploited , the victims , the underprivileged main in flow to bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi By the government take _ Rohini Commission Establishment done was _ come on by the Commission their Report President Draupadi Murmu to the submit done is _ Therefore By the government 18 That 22 September Meanwhile Called of Parliament special At the convention take _ Rohini of the Commission Report in the auditorium submit It should be done demand At this time Bahujan platform Maharashtra region of President Gajanan Gawli by made _ Regarding this Patil Prime Minister


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